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Elliot Zuckerman: Founder

As a professional surfer, Elliot has been surfing for over 45 years and has been teaching all levels of surfing skills for the past 20. He is a patient, conscientious, knowledgeable, and very capable instructor. He is an NSSIA certified Master Instructor as well as a certified surfing coach and CPR responder. Elliot has had the honor of working with children with special needs for over 15 years. It started with a mother whose 8 year old son was deaf and wanted to learn to surf. Elliot not only embraced this task, but developed techniques to enable this boy to enjoy an enriching and successful surfing experience.

Elliot loved this new facet of surfing that became a lifelong passion he has nurtured and perfected over the years. He has since successfully provided this opportunity to everyone who asks, from children with autism, cerebral palsy, or spinal injuries to veterans who have lost limbs fighting for the freedom of all of us. Elliot pursues his passion not only for the rewards it brings him, but for the empowerment to the individual and the joy it brings to the families. Thanks to Elliot's hard work, Surfer's Way is able to provide the opportunity for children with special needs to surf free of charge!

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