Surfer's Way : Long Beach, Long Island, NY, autism and special needs surfing Camp


NBC's segment on Surfer's Way (7/22/09)

Summary: NBC follows the Surfer's Way volunteers at the first outing of the season.

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CNN follows Surfer's Way in Long Beach (6/7/09)

Summary: CNN joins Elliot Zuckerman of Surf2Live and his team of volunteers as they surf with children with special needs.

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Channel 4 News on Elliot's work in Long Beach (12/25/06)

Summary: This interview with Elliot Zuckerman follows his work surfing with children with special needs.

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"About a Boy"

An article from the Guardian in the UK (12/3/06)

Summary: Paul Solotaroff writes about the impact surfing with Elliot had on his son Luke, who has autism.  Paul found the chance to engage his child at play and develop something that they can do together. On a surfboard, his son is instantly in his glory.   At the end of an exhilarating day surfing with Elliot, Paul describes his son’s actions as he, “surprises me with a hug, an act he confirms by yelling, 'Hug!' I hold him so tight it makes my own head reel... I lower him in my arms till he's horizontal… 'My brave little boy is surfing.' Luke put his arms out to skim the waves and said, 'Whee, whee, whee' all the way in.”

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Breaking the Barrier in Britain (4/10/08)

Summary: Elliot Zuckerman's work in Britain surfing with children with special needs started right here on Long Island - see the impact this has on the lives of these children!

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"11 Questions for a LI Surf Instructor"

An interview with Elliot by the NY Daily News (7/4/08)

Summary: Elliot discusses his background, passion for surfing, and commitment to sharing this passion with others

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